Monday, May 18, 2009

Should Be

"I should be writing," I think, as I bleach out the recycling bins.

"I should clean up the shredded diaper on the bathroom floor," I think, as I'm reading to my bare-bottomed toddler.

"I should be playing Uno with the big boys," I think as I catch up on Dayjob client e-mails.

"I should be implementing Phase 3 of the Dayjob Marketing Plan," I think while I'm writing.

Only on rare occasions does what I'm doing seem to be what I SHOULD be doing. The tape in my head always plays a sob song for something else.

(BTW-I never wait on the shredded diapers. And I never let my dog lick me in the face.)


  1. No, Crystal, but I Should Be. (Ba-DUMP-bump!)

  2. Hey I feel your pain... for me whatever I'm doing I feel as if I *should* be writing!

  3. This is me to a T. Seriously. I always want to be writing until I'm in front of my computer. Then I want to be doing anything but. Glad to know it's not just me!

  4. Oh yeah. I'm never done, and whatever I'm doing, I think I should be doing something else. Especially this month.

  5. Obviously, this "should be" problem is epidemic in the writerverse! Would love to hear from writers who DON'T always feel they "should be" doing something else. The four of us could use the advice.