Monday, June 15, 2009

VOTE for ME!

So I think I got it right this time:

If that doesn't work (and recent rumors suggest it might not) try the LONG version:

Enjoy my flash fiction, "Christmas, Filtered" and rank the story. The forum owners (with guidance from the voters) will choose a winner in a month. So, if you please--go guide 'em!

For those of you at the OVRWA holiday party--this is the story I read aloud.

Let me know if you want the recipe for Spamadakia.


  1. I'm gonna doublecheck, but I'm pretty sure there's a RANK box on the upper right corner of the entry and you click to give stars.

  2. The rules (cut and pasted):
    Voting begins at 9 a.m. EST today (June 15).
    Voting will take place from June 15-June 26 (midnight EST on June 26).
    You must be a registered forum member to participate in story ranking.

    Here's how to vote:

    1. We're using the star ranking system (examples: 1 = terrible, 5 = excellent) to rank stories.
    2. To rank a story after you've read it, click on "Rate Thread" in the upper-right hand corner. Choose a ranking for that story (1-5)
    3. You may read and vote on as many stories as you want. But please only vote on the stories you've read.
    4. Only one vote per forum members per story.
    5. No lobbying for votes on this forum, although you're welcome to ask for votes elsewhere.
    6. No replies to stories or other forum discussion about individual stories until the contest is over!
    7. Voting is anonymous so don't worry, no one else will know how you voted.

    Also, I'd like to encourage everyone to begin reading and ranking on various pages of this forum to help ensure that all stories get a fair chance at being read and ranked.

    Good luck to all who entered and thanks for participating!
    Maria Schneider
    Editor Unleashed