Friday, September 25, 2009

I did it.

Here's what I did:

I wrote a book. Another book. Sort of.

I wrote 80,792 words (I'm counting "The End") on a novel that has had two false starts and, ahem, some history (see my previous blog post).

I had promised myself (and you, my faithful blog readers) I would write the rough draft (a.k.a. CrapDraft) in 14 days. It did, in fact, take me 18 days.

I did not do the whole "write ten minutes while you're waiting for the teakettle to boil" business. If I didn't have a decent block of time to write in (at least 2 hours) I didn't start. I didn't wake up early (well, once I did and decided that was for the birds). I didn't stay up late.

I did growl, snarl and hold up my hand to ward off the various members of my family. "You get nothing from me until September 21," I repeated time and time again.

I did attend my high school reunion and drink heavily. I am worried about the 7K I wrote while still hungover and riding in the passenger seat on I-64.

Not too worried, however--I refuse to worry until September 28th at the earliest. October, after all, will be for editing--or, in my case, rewriting the entire thing, including doing copious back research to see if half of the crazy stuff I put in this draft is even feasible.

This is what I've learned about myself in the process of crapdrafting: I write bigger. My characters get gored by boars and caught in Borneo mudslides. They kick each other in the guts and pull each other out of whirlpools in hurricanes. They swing from the chandeliers while engaged in other, well, activities. Sooner or later, I know, I'll have to calm them down.

But not before next week. This week I will simply strut around, struttingly.

I would edit that sentence--and decimate my em-dash population--if it were next week. But it ain't, is it?


  1. Isn't it amazing what butt in chair can do! Especially when you go offline and I MEAN OFFLINE: not facebook, myspace, blogs, twitter, phone calls other than ones from DH or children. Every three months I participate in BIAW-Book in a week. I plan all my dinners, leave a schedule of children's activities and have people help my DH for that one week. I can usually crank out 30-40 k words and it's a great start. By the next time BIAW comes around, I use it for edits.
    Congrats on your finished book!

  2. See, you've got me kinda lustin' after a BIAW now.

  3. Congrats on the finale, Keri! If your stories are half as entertaining as your blogs, you'll be a national best seller in no time! Looking forward to reading them.

  4. Yay Keri!
    You deserve to relax and have a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best,

  5. FANTASTIC!!!! Major congratulations! I think you need a drink. Maybe after our next meeting? Plus, I want to read this story. Whenever you're ready!

  6. Thanks, Ro! Next I want to feel what YOU feel, oh, Miz, IGotTheCall!

    RK--I can always count on you for a shot of positive energy. Thank you.

    Becke . . . hmm October 10, right?

  7. "October is National Edit Month." I like it. I think I might join you on that too. What? I'm not a lemming, I swear. Wait, who's standing on my tail...::doh::

  8. Keri, girl. You're crazy! I've been working on this novel in a serious manner for the last two years. Geez, Louise. Although I guess if I was at home, I could probably pull off this feat as well. But part of the problem is that I'm a perfectionist. I tend to revise too much in the middle of writing. But yay! Good for you, girl. That's awesome. Let the revisions begin!

  9. KAK--I'm totally externally motivated. Lemmings forever (or at least until the cliff)

    Jen--this is a new way to work for me--I used to like you and fix as I went. My problem is that it was way, way too easy to get stuck and stay there (this book has been in the hopper since January of '08). This draft is more like an 80K outline. Everything, and I mean EVERY thing will get rewritten. But at least now I have something to rewrite!

  10. Jen!

    I used to BE like you!

    I still like you. (Yikes.)

    (And that unedited post is much like how my crapdraft looks).

  11. That is what I need to do.. ignore EVERYTHING else and get writing. Congrats on finishing your book. :)

    Well-Read Reviews

  12. Congrats on your finished book! You deserve to take a good rest.

  13. Thanks Allison and James.

    I did have my rest--now I'm smack dab in the middle of NaNoWriMo (come buddy me, keristevens, if you're playing along.)