Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lookie who I found.

She's not in Stone Kissed - but she could be.

If she could talk, what do you think she would say?


  1. I have always been fascinated with monuments like this. Who was she? Who loved her so much to erect such an evocative statue? - Vic

  2. "All these flowers are pulling my hair out by the roots and giving me a mondo sized headache!"

  3. "ZOMG, who left the thorns on these things?"

  4. okay. totally missed it was in a cemetery. My comment looks slightly tacky now.

  5. Keri--it's okay to be funny in and about cemeteries! Your comment rocked.


    Vic--this is actually on a cluster of Navy graves. She's on the grave of a seaman who passed away at age 50 in 2001. I was surprised--assumed it was a woman's grave, too.

  6. *rubs hands* Keep playing! What else have y'all got for me (or did I kill the mood by telling you the history?)

  7. "I allow no darkness here. The future is before us."

  8. I don't know. But, I love her! No one would erect such a statue to me, should I expire suddenly, and this makes me sad. Live life to the fullest!

  9. Come walk with me, the best is yet to be...

  10. I thinks it's beautiful! She'd say, "GOD! Finally to feel the sun. I've been stuck six feet under. Trust me. . .NOT good for my tan."

  11. Jenn--after spending my childhood traipsing around graveyards while Dad did genealogy research, I've told my family I want a picnic table.

    Liz--I like that :)

    Jessica--next time you visit, I'll takeyou to see her.

    And Tonya--YES! That's great.

  12. "I need a hero"
    "quick someone hand me a Kleenex"
    "I vant to be alone"
    Frog hopping across the patio- oh sorry got distracted. That's from life
    "I'm not looking back, I'm not looking back..."
    "and we're walking..."
    "Remember....because in the end it is the memories that sustain us. Beautiful ones and those stained with tears."

  13. "I really need someone to scratch the tip of my nose. It's driving me crazy!"

    That's all I'm getting.

  14. For some reason, I could imagine her saying something along the lines of "Glorious!" Interesting statue.

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  15. The sun is glorious but damn, it's cold.

    Really, tried for something deep and meaningful... ; )