Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pillow Talk

(In bedroom. Keri Stevens takes fluffy feather pillow from under Dr. Stevens's head)

KS: Gimme that. I've had a long day.

Dr. S: You? What did you do?

KS: I dragged your son and his broken ankle to two different doctors, a radiology lab and two pharmacies to get crutches.

Dr. S: (snatches pillow back and shoves over thin, threadbare, lumpy foam pillow) Well, I worked on two review articles and spent three hours staring at the microscopy results.

KS: You need me to copyedit yet? (sticks thin pillow between her knees, rolls to side)

Dr. S: Not yet. But you're a writer. (yawns). Ghost for me.

KS: Sure. You at the third sex scene yet?

Dr. S: (spooning, freezes still) The what?

KS: The resolution sex. They've got it almost figured out now. Less conflict, more fire.

Dr. S: Um. Yeah. The mossy-fiber boutons have found their place in the hippocampus.

KS: (rolls onto back, elbows him away because the room is stuffy). Good. What about the grand gesture?

Dr. S: Huh?

KS: What sacrifice will the high-fiber buttons make to ensure the hippo campers lives happily ever after?

Dr. S (yawns, rolls away)...trek-bee...neuropeptide excitability...GABA...

KS: (sits up, excited) That's it! Gabba-Gabba-Hey! We'll use Ramones music as a thematic element. This'll be the best Neuron paper any scientist has ever published.

Dr. S: (snores)

KS: (Slowly tugs fluffy pillow out from under his head.)


  1. Keri,

    This is sooo cute. Is your husband really a neuroscientist?

    Abbi :-)

  2. Stevens's? One too many esses I think. But you're the expert!

  3. Abbi, he really is. His focus is epilepsy research, with some side projects in autism and depression (all of which correlate strongly with each other).
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Liz,
    Back in MY day, when I was young (which was before YOU were young) a singular proper noun ending in "s" got it's own full apostrophe-ess (So, "Ross's"). Of course, these things change. And my editor might say that because Stevens is a surname, the rule changes. So when I'm half-functional again I'll probably hafta call her, so poo on you, you BFF, you.

  5. This is why we are friends ... because it's nice to know I'm not alone in my weirdness.

  6. OMG, this is hilarious! Hippo campers...ROFL!

    Gasp! My captcha is pusis ho...*slaps hand over mouth-holding back, holding back*

  7. That is so funny! High-fiber buttons and hippo campers. Great!

  8. Hi, Taryn! Thanks for stopping by.
    (Folk, TK is another of my sister-writers. We're like sister-wives, except without the whole, um, sister-wife thing.)

  9. Oh my gosh, Keri -- too funny. I bet you both are a hoot together.

  10. Keri, sounds sorta like mine and dh's pillow talks... only he's speaking in bytes and ram and I'm taking that to mean... eh-hem... yeah ;-)

  11. Allison--we have our moments :)

    Tes, I really think you should discourage him from biting rams. They might gore him.

  12. That was very very funny.

    I find neuroscientists to be eccentric w/very unusual thought processes. Unlike writers.