Thursday, January 6, 2011

What if you don't have (or want) a Kindle, Nook or other eReader?

A number of you have been asking me in passing, "What if I don't have a Kindle? How can I read Stone Kissed?" I give you a babbled explanation and you nod at me, then turn your grocery cart away from mine and roll away.

(Let me take a moment here to stiffen my upper lip...)

But! You don't have to have a dedicated eReader to enjoy Stone Kissed or any of the other eBooks out there. Tia Nevitt tells you just what to do if you'd like to read books on your computer, phone or other device. So go now to this post:

Did you go?


Go on...

And and after you've made your laptop into a library, become a downloading freak. Not only can you buy great books from all of the online retailers (which makes your computer more versatile than any single ereading device) but you can get hundreds of books in the public domain for free.

I've gotten a dozen Bobbsey Twins books in the last two days.

Seriously. Who doesn't love the Bobbsey Twins?


  1. OMG! The Bobbsey Twins! Are they really free? Really really? I have not read them since the 6th grade!

    And thanks for the triple link!

  2. best. news. EVER.


    Will do that when I get home

  3. The point is that all the ereader devices like the Kindle and Nook usually have apps available for PC, Mac, iDevices, Androids, etc. It will be confusing for the next few years as you might buy some books from Amazon (kindle) and some from B&N (Nook) and some from Apple (iBooks) and you'll end up with 3 different ebook libraries. As far as I know there isn't one super gold standard yet, unless you can get a PDF.