Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My love letter (video) to my library.


  1. Gosh, Keri, this was super. I loved how you went through the stacks as you got older. And how you found solace when your friend died (sorry!) and, later, love (ahhh!)

    Well, I'm near D.C., definitely not on the Tea Party side of the street. I know cuts and sacrifices have to be made. However, I hope the lights in libraries will continue to shine. I never thought I'd get to this age and have to hope that what was such an important part of my youth would be so for others.

    By the way, I'm enjoying your book. Good job! (BTW, I read Nora Roberts once - enough!)

  2. Thanks for doing this, especially as part of National Library Week! As someone who works in a library (though not a librarian), I love hearing stories of what the library means to people. Yay!

  3. Kittie--thank you! After 160 books (Oh, my heavens) I figure Nora can have a few misses. Some of hers I've loved. Some I really have not!

    Lynda--all I can say is I meant every word. Libraries are on my "happy place" list.

  4. I Keri, I just met you on Twitter and like always when I meet a new to me author the first thing I do is to go looking for that authors website. This video is wonderful. I remember the library of my childhood in much the same way you do. Thanks for sharing.