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Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop: Win a Kindle Fire and more!

Some buddies of mine and I are feeling the holiday spirit!

In addition to sponsoring together a drawing for a Kindle Fire chock-a-block with books, you can enter our individual drawings as well.

Me? I'm thinking you'd like a gift certificate to go with your new Fire (if you win that) or your old e-Reader if you don't!

In order to win the Kindle Fire, visit our main "hop" page. And in order to win MY $25 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, answer the following question in a comment below: What is your favorite holiday memory?

This contest (and the Blog Hop contest) both end at midnight, EST, on 12/21. One entry per person, US entrants only. Winner will be chosen at random on 12/22, so please come back and read the comments to see if you've won.

And do hop around to everyone else's page. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Virtual Autographs. How Nifty is That?

Okay, so, let's see if this works. If you click on the "widget" below, you should be able to order up my autograph on your kindle, nook, or e-reader app of choice:

Give it a try!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Master, Cleanse Me

Sometimes they ask me to write a little blog post.
Sometimes it gets a little nuts.

Come have some fun this Friday morning at Everybody Needs a Little Romance with me!
(I mean, come have some fun with me. Not that everybody needs a little romance with me. Because that would be WAY too much work.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

50 Shades of...Alpha? Dom? Whaaa???

Until I began attending professional romance writer conventions, I though BDSM stood for "bi-directional sado-masochism." Thankfully, new books, new writers (and a new kindle) have introduced me to a rainbow of romance flavors. I've developed quite the taste for paranormals, and one of my Carina Press sisters kindly agreed to send one of her hotties over to teach me (and you) some...nuances.
Remy Says: Alphas aren’t Doms

Remy (Remus) is a new character in Seleste deLaney’s Blood Kissed series. If you haven’t read the short story prequels, those are available from Decadent Publishing and many other online retailers. The first novel in the series, Kiss of Death, is now available from Mundania Press.

Too many years of killer vamps have triggered the curse of the Blood Kissed. They’ve awakened the bloodline that can alter their world, because her blood has the power to control them all—even make them destroy each other. 

Jocelyn thought her troubles with vampires were over when she drove a stake through her boyfriend Max’s heart a year ago. Even though she’s engaged to Chad now, she’s never really forgotten him. Now Max is back, and Chad is taking her into the heart of the vamp community—and they’re the ones trying to keep her alive. The ones who love her and each seek to claim her for their own. Because once the elders know who she is, they’re all going to want her… or want her dead. 

This is sadly Remy’s last post for the tour. After today if you want to find him, you’ll have to look within the pages of Kiss of Death (). For today though, he’s going to explain to us the difference between a dominant male, an alpha male, and a Dominant male. You have the floor, sir. 

I do so love it when she calls me sir. Now, there is a bit of confusion in some circles about dominant men and I’d like to clear a bit of that up. To put it simply, the range of dominance is very much like the range in shades of brunette hair. There is a color that is such a dark brown that most people can’t tell the difference unless they put it right next to someone with black hair. And then there’s that sandy shade that is almost, but not quite, blond. That’s the range we’ll work with. (Also, I’m focusing on men here, but the same things can probably be used in regard to women. However, as I’m not a woman, I’d only be guessing.)

First, dominance in general is a personality trait. A dominant male can be any shade from the sandy to the almost black. These men like to be in charge and are uncomfortable in situations where someone else has control. For instance, they can make the worst backseat drivers. Those are the situations for which ball gags and restraints were truly invented. Now if you notice, I said they can make horrid backseat drivers. That’s because some dominant men have learned that while there are situations they can’t control, they are always in control of themselves. This degree of self-knowledge makes it so they don’t eternally have to assert their dominance. A dominant male who knows himself that well is a beautiful thing.

Moving along, we’ll discuss alpha (or Alpha) males. The term alpha comes from wolf packs (were or otherwise). The Alpha is the one in charge of keeping the pack in line. He can do this through whatever means he feels fits the situation from dominant behavior, aggression, violence, etc. Because of this, Alphas are almost always dominant males. (I only say almost because I hate people pointing out exceptions. It makes me want to go all dominant male on their asses.) The thing is, in any pack situation, you have a number of dominant males who want to be Alpha since the position basically says, “I’m the most dominant of the dominant, all should bow before me and lick my nuts.” (And yes, I once heard a werewolf say that. However, it was in French, so it sounded much nicer.) The point there being that an Alpha always has to defend their title against challengers.

This is very similar to the non-wolf world. There, alpha males (Since they aren’t really Alphas of anything, they don’t get the capital.) are in charge of other things. They are often the boss at work or an officer in the military or career cops. Also, alpha-types can go the opposite way and become criminals, often leading a gang of other criminals (in this case, they become much closer to the wolf-pack scenario than other real-world cases since fights for the top spot can often end in injury or death.)

And so we come to the Dominants. Dominants can be alphas, but they need to be much more than that. (Remember those dominant males who aren’t horrible backseat drivers?) A Dom is in charge and in control, but a key thing is they should always be in control of themselves and the situation before exerting their control over others. (And yes, if you haven’t figured it out, we’re talking BDSM Dominants here.) An out of control Dom can be just this side of an abuser (and can, in fact, easily cross that line.) It’s one reason the most respected Doms in the lifestyle have gone through training and have references they will supply to interested submissives.

Unlike Alphas, Doms don’t need to defend their position. They are the Dom—period. Depending on the contract/relationship involved that status may or may not be bedroom (or in some cases, dungeon) specific. Many Dominants do not use violence/pain at all, even as punishment. (Though really? Where’s the fun in that?) Doms exert their dominance in a variety of ways, but their position is clear in the way they carry themselves and behave. The point is, once you start seeing Dominant males, seeing that glint in their eye, you can’t unsee it. A Dom doesn’t have to announce that he’s a Dom—people will just know.

For a very clear example, take the latest Star Trek movie. Chris Pine (medium brown hair) portrays Kirk as an admirable alpha. He’s in charge and has to challenge for the spot. Then there is the amazing Zachary Quinto (with hair dark as a dungeon with no windows) as Spock. Spock doesn’t need to be Captain, and he truly only strives for the spot because he believe Kirk is a fool (not necessarily without cause). When it becomes clear Kirk is the man for the job, Spock steps back. But if you notice, he never loses that edge he carries throughout the film. Even when he loses control, he comes right back to steady and calm. Kirk might be alpha, but Spock—glorious Spock—is the Dominant.

So to summarize in a confusing way that should put you right back where you started… Both alphas and Doms are dominant males. An alpha can be a Dom and a Dom can be an alpha, but they don’t necessarily have to be.

And in case you’re wondering where I fall on that spectrum… my hair is black.

You can find more Remy in the pages of Kiss of Death, and you can find Seleste all over the internet, including Her website and blog; on Twitter as @Selestedelaney; and on Facebook at both her profile and author page.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Awkward Date

Oh! Oh, yeah. The guest blogger!
(Sorry, I got a bit distracted.)

There's another Keri out there - but she's not me! I want to get that clear, because dang, some days I wish she were. Keri Ford writes hot and spicy contemporary romances that take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. When I've had a rough day, I download one of her novellas. I think she knows that since her new series is Roughnecks. 

Get it? "Rough" day? "Roughnecks"?

Nevermind. Over to the good stuff (including a giveaway!)

Big thank to Keri Stevens for having me today!! I can't wait to talk a little about my latest release, Rough Play. During this book, the hero suggests dinner to the heroine. She agrees and then a few hours later, reality hits her. She's going on a date. Dating. That time that falls between saying "Hello" and "I Do".

Or in other cases, "Hello" and "Goodbye". For Jacob and Flora, it's a long, quiet date. Conversation doesn't happen. From hot chemistry between the sheets, the only thing with a little spice and heat at that table is the food. It doesn't take them long to figure out that dating is too much work. They're much better at grabbing take out and then taking…well, you'll have to read the story for THAT part.

 Bad dates. Awkward Dates. The most horrible date ever. Lay it on me and one commenter will get Life After War: Book One The Survivors by Angela White. Giveaway is a print, open internationally. Book contains both books one and two!

Rough Play, second in The Roughnecks Series, is now available! 

Jacob Iverson has plans. Distant plans, but they do exist. Find the right woman, eventually settle down and do the whole “white picket fence” routine. But until eventually comes, he’s having fun with right now. Then he meets Flora, who blows him back a step. Or two. Suddenly his distant plans are rushing up to meet him…only not quite the way he imagined. Abandoned at seventeen, Flora Simms has made her way through the world, found life and family in the form of two best friends. Everything is just the way she likes it. From life to love to relationships, she knows what she wants, how she wants it, and doesn’t care if anyone agrees or not. And what she doesn’t want is someone trying to tie her down with long-term plans. But Jacob Iverson brings images of the future to her mind, and heart. Jacob somehow knows what she needs and he’s hitting all the right spots. But can Flora give up her idea of independence to let him in?

$2.99 at Amazon Kindle | B&N Nook | Kobo | AllRomanceEbooks | TMP | Smashwords | Bookstrand. Coming soon in print.

Add to your Goodreads Shelf
For the latest information on Keri and her books at

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If your boss is looking over your shoulder today when you read my post at Everybody Needs a Little Romance, just roll your eyes at her and say, "What? They're only tomatoes."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stone Kissed won an IDA!

She's like a RITA (okay, so it's NOT a RITA.) But she is an IDA--an International Digital Award in long-form paranormal romance for Stone Kissed. See my pretty "You won!" button? I do so love purple:
Who else won? Many great Carina Press authors, to drop a few names. Head on over to the Oklahoma RWA chapter's results page to fill up your e-Reader with a buncha-buncha great books and stories!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Four PartsThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Four Parts by Douglas Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read this series six times. I cannot (ever) remember any of it, except random character names. So I read it again. And I enjoy it every time--and it all flows away. If I were on a desert island with only one book series, I'd take this because I know I'd always be entertained anew.

My oldest just read it for the first time and giggled aloud the entire time. He actually remembers parts of it, though--evidence of evolution, I guess. Assuming, of course, that remembering Douglas Adams enhances survival and reproductive chances. After all I did fairly well, and I...wait. What were we discussing again?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The more things change...

...the more confused I get. But I'm moving into the 21st century! Updated my facebook page today, and added links to my Amazon "store," where you can pick up Stone Kissed. It's been a great debut - Stone Kissed won "Best First Book" in the 2011 Golden Quill contest. Click here for a free taste of the book, and tweet me at @keristevens.

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Caffeine-Free Convention

I'm at the group blog, Everybody Needs a Little Romance, talking about the Romantic Times Book Reviews 2012 Convention, which I attended in an altered state...come say hello!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

There Are No Mondays For Writers

This post is proudly a stop on the TEXAS TWO STEP Blog Tour. For a complete listing of all stops on this tour, please visit here. All contests are for U.S. residents only unless otherwise noted. Comments left on this blog will be counted toward the Texas Two Step Faithful Follower Gift Certificate. To see a complete listing of Blog Tour Prizes, click here. Be sure to check out the freebies. Yours for the asking as long as they last.
Thank you to Keri for turning over her blog to me today. I met Keri online but she was invaluable to me during my term as PRO Liaison to the RWA Board. Thanks, Keri!
Mondays. Not the favorite day of the week for many people. Ask people about Mondays and you’ll might get responses like…
Monday, Monday…Can’t trust that day…(For you youngsters who don’t remember The Mommas and The Papas, I’ll give you a video to watch)

Or maybe someone will mutter...It's Another Manic Monday!

or you might hear...

Sadly, if you ask Roxanne St. Claire about Mondays, you'll get, "The Bachelor!!"
Just in case you haven't seen Ellen as part of The Bachelor's bachelorettes...

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

If you listened to the Manic Monday video, one of the lines is.."Wish it were Sunday. It's my fun day." That simply doesn't work for writers. Sundays can be just another day in the week for writers.

Here’s the deal with authors…Mondays don’t matter. There are no “Mondays” for writers. Monday is pretty much like every other day of the week.

Weekends? What are those? We still have to write, or edit, or answer fan mail, or blog, or do some type of promo.

The other problem? When we're NOT writing, we feel guilty for not writing. When we're writing, we are simply in another world, incommunicado with family and friends. You cannot imagine the number of times my husband has come spoken to me while I'm writing and I either don't respond or have no idea what he's talking about.

This morning (I'm writing this on MONDAY!! No rest for the wicked.) I got the nicest note from a woman who'd just finished reading Texas Two Step. In part it read, "Just got done reading your Texas two step book and LOVED It..Just wondering when the next book will be out so I can pre-order it.." Talk about something really making my day!
So I feel guilty that I spent the weekend mailing out my Texas Two Step Freebies (check the bottom of this post for more info), writing a couple of guest blogs that were due, and taking a couple of long naps! What should I have been doing? Writing of course.
So my point is that every day in a writer's life is a Monday. There are no days away from work. The work is always with you, always on your mind. If I'm not actually writing, I'm thinking about writing.
If you think I'm complaining about the life of a writer, you'd be wrong. See the paragraph above from the Texas Two Step reader? We all live for those notes! I love being a writer and touching the lives of readers. I love giving a reader a few hours of pure fantasy away from their daily grind.
So the next time you read a book and really liked it, drop the author a note, review it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads (or all of them!). That special scene in the book that really made the book for you might have been written on Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or..well, you get the idea!
Have you ever written a note or email to an author about a book you just read? Tell me about it. What was the book and author? What was so moving about the book that you just had to let the author know?
If you’ve stumbled across my Texas Two Step blog tour over the past month, you may be aware that many of my author friends volunteered to be Blog Tour Sponsors and donated books for me to give as prizes. Today's blog is special. I'm giving away TWO books!

MA Golla writes wonderful Middle Grade books. If you've got a child between 8 and 12, you'll want to win Lost Leprechaun Loot. Margaret will send a digital copy to one lucky person who leaves a comment. To find out more about Margaret, visit Website, Twitter or Facebook.
My other Blog Tour Author Sponsor today is Carina Press author Natalie Damschroder. Natalie will send Behind The Scenes to one lucky person who leaves a comment. To find out more about today’s Blog Tour Sponsor, you can visit her Website, Twitter or Facebook.

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Texas Two Step is available at Samhain, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble or your favorite online bookstore.
This will be me if you buy Texas Two Step!

Thanks Keri for letting me play here today!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Romantic Times Conventioneers: Heads Up!

This, I promise you, will be the hip-hop-happeningest time at the 2012 RT Convention:

Carina Press Romance Bingo

(FRIDAY, 1:30-2:30pm) Get your daubers ready! The pace will be fast, the competition intense, the prizes irresistible and the romance phrases … a bit on the cheeky side, as Angela James and Carina Press authors act as callers for a bingo game like none you’ve ever played. 
Hosts: Angela James (editorial director, Carina Press), Zoƫ Archer, Adrienne Giordano, Nico Rosso, Keri Stevens, Shelli Stevens

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this. I think I was Cleopatra's Bingo Caller in a former life.

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