Thursday, March 17, 2016

Last Week, I Tried to Use the “F” Word

Yep. I gave it a go. I typed into my phone, “Hot bleeping mess.”

And autocorrect changed it to “hot funkiness.”

Thank you, autocorrect. Thank you for being the British nanny over my shoulder. Thank you for judging me gently and steering me in the way I should go. Thank you for allowing some of personality to shine through (after all, I’m a fan of most things funky, except for odors).

Autocorrect, while slow to learn, has picked certain things up: When I type, “Okeydoke” as one word, I mean it. I don’t mean “okay” or “oh, key dork.” And yes, in the Keri Stevens lexicon, “purty” IS a word.

I’m becoming a fan of anticipated text, as well. I type two letters, I get three word choices, and usually one of them is the rest of the word I was planning to key in. I’ve had some questionable moments with anticipated text, however: Once I emailed my husband to remind him it was pay day. “I need your…” were the first three words I keyed in. My phone offered up “hot,” “sexy” and “body” as my next three potential choices.

Boy, did I feel mercenary as I finished that text. I’m pretty sure, the nanny in my phone had made some judgments about my marriage as a result.

What about you? Are you having fun with the 21st century tools and toys? Does your tech have a mind of its own?

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